Diplomatic Commission


As the IAEWP is cruising towards the 50th anniversary countdown, the Office of International Vice President  for Global Strategy has brainchild the setting up of the IAEWP Diplomatic Commission to spearhead the global prominence agenda of IAEWP in its  2018-2027 Strategic Growth Transformation Plan ( SGTP ).

Under the Charter, the IAEWP Diplomatic Commission has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace, social & interfaith harmony and national security, supporting the democratically elected government of its member states.  IAEWP Diplomatic Commission does not get involved in  or interfere in domestic political scenarios.

The IAEWP Diplomatic Commission would have 201 volunteer Members, ( one member per country under the UN Charter ) and each member has one vote in the  IAEWP World Peace Congress and conventions. Under the Charter, all  National Chancellors of member states are obligated to comply with IAEWP Diplomatic Commission decisions taken at the IAEWP World Peace Congresses.

The IAEWP Diplomatic Commission emulates the UN Councils and  takes the lead in determining the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression or terrorism. It calls upon the parties to a dispute to settle it by reconciliatory peaceful means and recommends methods of adjustment through collaborations or terms of  amicably negotiated settlement; the IAEWP Diplomatic Commission may act  and play a mediating role in conflicting situation without placing its negotiators in the harm's way. 

The IAEWP Diplomatic Commission members would be termed as IAEWP PEACE DIPLOMATS  at the General Assembly of IAEWP in its World Peace Conventions.  The Diplomatic Commission would, at ALL times be guided by the 6 cardinal tenets of IAEWP as its  vision and mission compass.

The IAEWP Diplomatic Commission recommends the appointments in the succession planning and the admission of new Members to the IAEWP World Boards, supporting the wisdom of the IAEWP Founding President, Dr. Charles Mercieca.

The International Vice President  for Global Strategy cum Deputy Secretary General shall be empowered to complete the 201  Member States vacancies in the IAEWP Diplomatic Commission through organic organizational development strategy and bring it to full functionality by January 1, 2019.

The 22nd IAEWP World Peace Congress and IAEWP Diplomatic Commission General Assembly meeting is tentatively scheduled in Malaysia in 2019 for the global launch of the IAEWP Diplomatic Commission, celebrating  its 50th anniversary of the official chartering of the IAEWP in 1969.

The IAEWP Diplomatic Commission members would be appointed in the following countries. IAEWP Diplomatic Commission would have a Chairman , Deputy Chairman, Seven Regional Vice Chairman,  an Administrator and members. The countries are listed here with their capital city in italics.

Chairman of the Diplomatic Commission: 

The Most Venerable Datuk K Sri Dhammaratana, 
The Buddhist Chief High Priest of Malaysia.
Location :  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Deputy Chairperson of the Diplomatic Commission: 

The Honorable Ms. Lana Yang,
Medical Research Scientist & 
IAEWP Permanent Representative to the United Nations, New York, USA
Location : New York City, USA

Administrator of the Diplomatic Commission: 

Steve Varatha Rajan
IAEWP Deputy Secretary General
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Email : iaewp.org@gmail.com

Regional Vice Chairperson:

1.   Region - Africa:

The Honorable Dr. Ayo Ayoola Amale,
Regional Vice Chairperson- Africa
Location : Nigeria
Occupation : Lawyer
First Conflict Resolution Services Inc. & Center for Peace Education
Hse No. 2 Ayoola Amale Crescent, Ikd, Lagos, Nigeria
Mobile: +233249208848 / +2347016268583
Email : iaewp.ng@gmail.com
E-mail:  aayoamale@gmail.com  / ayo.fcrs@gmail.com

2.   Region-Asia:

3.   Region of Europe:

4.   Region of North America:

5.   Region of Central America and the Antilles:

6.   Region of South America:

7.   Region of Oceania also known as Oceanica: 

The Honorable Mr. Vivek Umrao Glendenning, 
Regional Vice Chairperson- Oceania
Location : Australia

Region - Africa
Africa is a continent consisting of 52 countries (including 2 disputed).

The Honorable  Dr. Ayo Ayoola Amale,
Regional Vice Chairperson- Africa
Location : Nigeria
Email : iaewp.ng@gmail.com

Algeria - Algiers

The Most Distinguished Prof. Emeritus Ammar BANNI
Retired Professor of Education,
Cite Dhahraouia B.P 215 Guemar 39002 Algeria
Ahmed Arbia college Guemar /Algeria
Tel:+213 772 777335/+213 32234439

Email:ammarbanni@yahoo.fr  /  ammarbanni@gmail.com

Angola - Luanda
Benin - Porto Novo, Cotonou
Botswana - Gaborone
Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou
Cameroon (also spelled Cameroun) - Yaoundé
Cape Verde - Praia
Chad (Tchad) - N'Djamena
Comoros - Moroni
Republic of the Congo - Brazzaville
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Kinshasa
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) - Yamoussoukro
Djibouti - Djibouti
Egypt (Misr) - Cairo
Equatorial Guinea - Malabo
Eritrea - Asmara
Ethiopia (Abyssinia) - Addis Ababa
Gabon - Libreville
The Gambia - Banjul
Ghana - Accra

Guinea - Conakry

The Most Distinguished Ms. FATOUMATA MORGANE
Occupation: Lawyer
BP: 2552 Conakry
Cell: +224 622 45 32 66
/+224 664 45 32 66
Email: gmorgane14@yahoo.fr
Recipient of the 2009 Hadja Rabiatou Sera Diallo Prize for Women's Leadership, awarded by WAFRICA for the promotion of Guinea's young woman and girl.

Kenya - Nairobi
Lesotho - Maseru
Liberia - Monrovia
Libya - Tripoli
Madagascar - Antananarivo
Malawi - Lilongwe

Mali - Bamako

The Most Distinguished Ms. Marie Hortense Fatou KANOUTE
Expert in Legislation, Policy and Strategy Development  on Peace & Harmony.
Tel: + 223 79 07 56 95/ + 223 66 96 19 93   
Email: marie2bingue@yahoo.fr  

Mauritania - Nouakchott
Mauritius - Port Louis
Morocco (Al Maghrib) - Rabat
Mozambique - Maputo
Namibia - Windhoek
Niger - Niamey
Nigeria - Abuja
Rwanda - Kigali
São Tomé and Príncipe - São Tomé
Senegal - Dakar
Seychelles - Victoria, Seychelles
Sierra Leone - Freetown
Somalia - Mogadishu
South Africa - Pretoria
South Sudan - Juba
Sudan - Khartoum
Swaziland - Mbabane
Togo - Lome
Tunisia - Tunis
Uganda - Kampala
Western Sahara (disputed)
Zambia - Lusaka
Zimbabwe - Harare

Asia is a continent with 48 countries within :

Afghanistan - Kabul
Armenia - Yerevan
Azerbaijan - Baku
Bahrain - Manama
Bangladesh - Dhaka
Bhutan - Thimphu
Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Cambodia (Kampuchea) - Phnom Penh
China - Beijing
Taiwan (a.k.a. Republic Of Taiwan China) - Taipei
East Timor (Timor Leste) - Dili

India (Hindi: भारत) - New Delhi

Professor and Head, Department of Value Education, 
Director Existential Harmony Projects
IASE (D) University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, 
Sardarshahar, Rajasthan, INDIA
Email : ​pathak06@gmail.com

Indonesia - Jakarta
Iran - Tehran
Iraq - Baghdad
Israel - Jerusalem
Palestine - Gaza
Japan (Nihon) - Tokyo
Jordan (Al Urdun) - Amman
Kazakhstan - Astana
Kuwait - Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek
Laos - Vientiane

Lebanon (Lubnan) - Beirut

Dr. Haitham A. Durbie
Nationality: Lebanese
State: Beirut
Country Residence: Lebanon, 
Date Of Birth: Aug, 27, 1967

Email ID: drhaitham@hotmail.com
( Address to be updated )

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
Maldives - Malé
Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar
Myanmar (Burma) - Naypyidaw
Nepal - Kathmandu
North Korea - Pyongyang
Oman - Muscat
Pakistan - Islamabad
Philippines - Manila
Qatar - Doha
Russia (Россия) - Moscow
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Singapore - Singapore
South Korea - Seoul
Sri Lanka - Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, not Colombo now
Syria - Damascus
Tajikistan - Dushanbe
Thailand (Muang Thai) - Bangkok
Turkey - Ankara
Turkmenistan - Aşgabat
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
Uzbekistan - Tashkent
Vietnam - Hanoi
Yemen - Sana'a

Region of Europe
Europe is a continent ; In other systems it is part of Asia, Eurasia or Eurafrasia and has 47 countries:

Albania (Shqipëria) - Tirana
Andorra - Andorra la Vella
Austria (Österreich) - Vienna
Belarus - Minsk
Belgium - Brussels
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo
Bulgaria (България) - Sofia
Croatia (Hrvatska) - Zagreb
Cyprus (Kupros) - Nicosia
Czech Republic (Česko) - Prague
Denmark (Danmark) - Copenhagen*
Estonia (Eesti) - Tallinn
Finland (Suomi) - Helsinki
France - Paris
Georgia (საქართველ) - Tbilisi
Germany (Deutschland) - Berlin

Greece (Hellas) - Athens
Hungary (Magyarország) - Budapest
Iceland (Island) - Reykjavik
Republic of Ireland (Éire) - Dublin
Italy (Italia) - Rome
Latvia (Latvijas) - Riga
Liechtenstein - Vaduz
Lithuania (Lietuvos) - Vilnius
Luxembourg - Luxembourg City
(Former Yugoslav) Republic of Macedonia - Skopje
Malta - Valletta
Moldova - Chisinau
Monaco - Monaco
Montenegro (Crna Gora, Црна Гора) - Podgorica
Netherlands (Nederland) - Amsterdam (Capital), The Hague (Location of Government)
Norway (Norge) - Oslo
Poland (Polska) - Warsaw
Portugal - Lisbon
Romania (România) - Bucharest
Russia (Россия) - Moscow
San Marino - Marino
Serbia (Србија) - Belgrade
Slovakia (Slovensko) - Bratislava

Slovenia (Slovenija) - Ljubljana

The Most Distinguished Prof. Timi Ecimovic M.D.
The Rector of the World Philosophical Forum - 

WPF University, Athens, Greece
Prof Dr, Dr h c Timi Ecimovic
Korte 124
SI – 6310 Izola – Isola
Slovenia, EU
Phone : ++386 (0)5 6421 360
El. mail: timi.ecimovic@bocosoft.com

Home page: www.institut-climatechange.si

Spain (España) - Madrid
Sweden (Sverige) - Stockholm
Switzerland - Bern
Turkey - Ankara
Ukraine (Україна) - Kyiv or Kiev
United Kingdom - London
Vatican City - Vatican City

Region of North America
North America is a continent consisting of 4 countries.

Canada - Ottawa
Greenland - Nuuk
Mexico - Mexico City
United States - Washington DC

Region of Central America and the Antilles
Central America is a continent  consisting of 23 countries

Antigua and Barbuda - St. John's
Bahamas - Nassau
Barbados - Bridgetown
Belize - Belmopan
Costa Rica - San José
Cuba - Havana
Dominica - Roseau
Dominican Republic (Republica Dominicana) - Santo Domingo
El Salvador - San Salvador
Grenada - St George's
Guatemala - Guatemala
Haiti - Port-au-Prince
Honduras - Tegucigalpa
Jamaica - Kingston, Jamaica
Nicaragua - Managua
Panama (Panamá) - Panama City
Puerto Rico - San Juan
Saint Kitts and Nevis - Basseterre
Saint Lucia - Castries
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Kingstown
Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain
Turks and Caicos - Cockburn Town South 

Region South America is a continent with  13 countries :

Argentina - Buenos Aires
Bolivia - La Paz
Brazil (Brasil) - Brasília
Chile - Santiago
Colombia - Bogotá
Ecuador - Quito
French Guiana - Cayenne (part of France)
Guyana - Georgetown
Paraguay - Asuncion
Peru - Lima
Suriname - Paramaribo
Uruguay - Montevideo
Venezuela - Caracas

Region of Oceania also known as Oceanica

Mr. Vivek Umrao 
Regional Vice Chairperson - Oceanica
NSW, Australia. 
Mobile - +61469608809 (only for SMS) 
Email- chiefeditor@groundreportmedia.com 

The countries (14 total) are listed in the Region of Oceania below according to their UN classification:

Australia - Canberra Tera
New Zealand (Aotearoa) - Wellington


Fiji - Suva
Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby
Solomon Islands - Honiara
Vanuatu - Port Vila


Kiribati - South Tarawa
Marshall Islands - Majuro
Micronesia - Palikir
Nauru - Yaren
Palau - Koror


Samoa - Apia
Tonga - Nuku'alofa
Tuvalu - Funafuti